I work with materials, like hair and old linens, that are rich with both a personal history and a memory of the body. For me, art occurs when I am able to reach some transformation of both material and its related associations through simple actions. Intuition, chance, and imperfection are important components in my construction process, while I search to find a middle ground between my voice and the voice of the material. The objects I create exist in the tangible space where biology and psychology meet, and cause us to consider our emotional connection to our physical existence.

Traditional textile craft, taught to me by my grandmother and mother, has had a significant influence on my construction techniques. Whether through crochet or hand stitching, I tend to subvert conventional approaches not only through my choice of material, but with a resistance to make anything practical or functional. Through simple repetition and a commitment to months of hand labor, my work often questions the act of making and my emotional attachment to these processes.